Library Adds eAudiobooks

The BSC Library now has downloadable eAudiobooks!  Our initial subscription to the Academic Collection gives us access to 500+ eAudiobooks.  This collection will continue to grow with new titles arriving monthly.  We will also be able to enhance the collection by purchasing additional titles on our own.   The Academic Collection includes a variety of eAudiobooks, including non-fiction, history, business, biography, best-selling fiction, and classic titles.

Library users can search for, preview, download, and listen to eAudiobooks through the NetLibrary platform on the Library’s Databases (Articles & More) page.   Titles can be transferred to a wide range of supported portable devices.  About half of the eAudiobooks in the collection are iPod-compatible.  Complete information about how to use these resources is available on the NetLibrary page. 

Users will also be able to search for eAudiobooks through the ODIN catalog .  If you are using ODIN and want to find all of the eAudiobooks in our collection, do a subject search using downloadable audio books as your search term.  Click here for the current results of that search strategy. 


1 thought on “Library Adds eAudiobooks

  1. This is an incredible addition to our library. I know that the titles available will grow and grow. Downloadable books are certainly going to be more prevalent as we move forward in time. Between one’s iPod and Kindle, one gets the impression that paper books will become extinct. I don’t believe that, but with the MP3 format and Kindle or Kindle-like devices, think of how many trees are being saved (that’s for all the tree-huggers in our midst).


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