Bismarck State College Mystic Memories

Interested in BJC/BSC history?  Visit the BSC Archives in the Collections section of the BSC Library website and click on the link for Bismarck State College Mystic Memories.   While you’re on the Archives pages, click on the Digital Horizons link, too.  Many BJC/BSC digitized historical records are also available on that site.    

A project to digitize materials from the BSC Archives collection housed at the BSC Library is underway.  Using ContentDM software, library staff members are scanning materials to post on BSC’s website.  Digitization projects have become the norm for college archive collections and help provide access to collections that would otherwise only be available for on-site use. 

Through BSC Library’s project, alumni and other interested persons can now readily find yearbooks and other historical materials online.   As the project moves forward, more and more information about Bismarck State College and its history will become available online.   

To date, all of the Bismarck Junior College and Bismarck State College yearbooks (1941-1981) are available online.  The BJC yearbook was originally called The Markota; in 1951, the name was changed to the Jay-Cee-An.  BSC’s last printed yearbook was published in 1981. All of the issues of Figments of Imagination, BSC’S literary magazine, have also been scanned.

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