Fitness Illustrated by Brian Sharkey – Book Review

Fitness Illustrated by Brian Sharkey

Hey!   Swimsuit and shorts season is coming.  I’m not sure we would really know that from the below zero a.m. temps of late, but it will happen eventually.   

If you are thinking maybe it’s time to get into a diet and exercise routine and you need some information and inspiration, check out this book from the BSC Library.  Chock-full of color photographs and illustrations, Fitness Illustrated includes a wide variety of success and life change stories to motivate you.  You will also find information about diet and all kinds of exercises from aerobics to strength training to stretching, charts to help you start walking, walk/jog, jogging , swimming, and cycling programs, and guidelines to help you make use of all the great equipment at our new BSC Aquatics & Wellness Center. 

Fitness Illustrated is a great book for basic information and the inspiration to get you started on a spring wellness and shape-up program.  While probably not intended for the bona fide gym rats out there, if you’re new to exercise or just getting started after a break, you will be sure to find some useful and honest information in this book.  

Find it at your BSC Library, call number GV481.S445 2011.

 Reviewed by: Lori Smith, Part-time Reference Librarian

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