The Night of the Librarian – We Created Our Own Story @ BSC Library!

WOW!  Our celebrity guest reader (AKA Mike McCormack) brought the story created by our guest writers to life.  It was terrific!  Thanks so much, Mike.  For those of you who missed the reading, here’s the story.  Enjoy!

The Night of the Librarian

It was a dark and stormy night at the BSC Library when suddenly the Librarian heard a noise … It was coming from the basement.  Johanna walked slowly down the staircase and opened the door as the sounds grew louder. The lights started flickering and then suddenly…. Darkness!

She slowly grew aware that she was not alone, and as her mind accepted the dangerous situation in which she found herself, within a blink of an eye, she had a second to decide whether to dash up the stairs or swallow her fear.

Swallowing hard, she crept through the basement when she felt something moving the air near her head and heard the light flapping of wings.  A small bat brushed by her head and she turned and fled into a nearby room where she found herself face to face with … the old elevator.

Salvation was at hand!  If only the rusted iron grates would slide open. They would not. So she closed her eyes and clicked her red high heels together three times and took a deep breath.  Her mind swam with the possibilities.  Swirling and rising within her was a feeling not easily identified or categorized.  She took another deep breath and slowly opened her eyes and discovered she was face-to-face with the scary English teacher, Kitty Netzer. She was mortified to find out that every assignment, paper, and test had been given to the bat to eat in the elevator!!!  She thought, “This has to be a dream!”

The Librarian asked Kitty, “What in the world are you doing down here!?!” Kitty said, “I always wanted to ride in that dumb waiter you have in the library, but now I am stuck here in the dark and can’t find the door.” “Help me,” she sobbed.

From above, a voice echoed, “Here I come to save the day!” It was Carolyn T.  She knew about traveling up and down in the tiny elevator. “I’ll push the button, so hang on!”  Slowly, the dumb waiter creaked its way upward. As the door opened, Kitty exclaimed, “I thought I was gonna die younger then Elvis!”

Just as they were erupting in laughter, Elvis appeared out of a puff of smoke and insisted that Carolyn and Kitty both join him in his expedition of space and time. Elvis was escorted by his earth tour guide, the very knowledgeable John McCormack.     

As they greeted each other, they heard music, but not just one style of music. There was the sound of a bagpipe band, then a jazz combo, a choir singing madrigal pieces, and songs from My Fair Lady.  They looked at each other, mystified by this cacophony of sounds. McCormack then spoke: “I believe we have more than just Elvis in the house. Where is Johanna? She could search the databases and find out the origin of this music.”

Finally, they heard her voice.  “Help me.  I’m still trapped in the basement with an assignment-eating bat and he is growing rapidly from all the fiber he is eating!” Then, all went silent … for only a moment or two.  As they neared the end of their journey, they heard, “I gotcha where I wantcha, now I’m gonna eatcha.” The sound grew and grew.  They heard it again. They got to the top. It was 2050 and Elvis was caught red-handed.    

Meanwhile, down in the basement, Johanna wrestled with the 200-pound bat, and after spinning it so much it got dizzy, she was able to run away.  She finally found the stairs again. She walked up them. “Creak, creak,” they sounded.

Something wasn’t right. She opened the door to find she had been transported back to 1947. Everything was in black and white like a bad Alfred Hitchcock film. She looked down at herself to find her clothes had changed, too.  Looking within herself, she discovered something amazing!  She had a gift.  Something she had had all this time.  All she needed was to believe in it.

The sonic screwdriver glimmered in her hand, begging to be used.  After all, it was 1947.  If Johanna could last ‘til 1948, May 26, she might be able to stop South Africa from electing a nationalist government with its apartheid policy.  She ran down the darkened hallway toward door number 13.  Throwing it open, she found a room full of books and people reading to one another.  Johanna ran around the room looking for a newspaper to see what the date was.  Just then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a portal to an alternate, magical realm of Melordian. 

She learned how to cast spells that would make the library a great place to be.  She created a portal to Earth and used all her magic to make Bismarck State College the best school with the best library.  Everyone got good grades and had pizza at the end of the semester.  Johanna felt great about herself and lived a happy life.  

The End

“Well …” the librarian thought when she finished reading the last page and closed the book.  “How should I catalog this one?  I can see BSC as the best school with the best library, but good grades AND pizza, too?!  Definitely fiction.” 


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