The Ears Have It

Over the past decade, audiobook sales have grown steadily.  The Audio Publishers Association (APA) estimates the size of the industry, based on dollars spent by consumers and libraries, to be in the $900 million range.  With the growth of digital download, audiobooks will likely become even more popular.

The BSC Library currently has a collection of nearly 1,000 audiobooks in a variety of formats (from cassette tapes to CDs to digital audio).  We continue to add audiobooks all the time.  A search of the Classic Version of the ODIN catalog is the best way to find what we have.  Enter “alldocuments” (no spaces) in the “search for” box; leave the “search type” box at the “keyword(s) anywhere” default ; and, in the “Limit Search” box, choose Audio Books from the drop-down menu.

How do you know what’s worth a listen?   The annual Audie Awards, a competition to recognize excellence in audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment, is one way to find quality recordings.  The 2011 Audie Award winners, including the 2011 Audiobook of the Year, will be named on May 24 at a gala at the TimesCenter in New York City.  

Good listening!


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