Touched and Untouched – Gannon Gallery

Touched and Untouched
Invitational Print Exchange
August 15 – September 15
Gannon Gallery, BSC Library

Reception: Wednesday, August 24, 4-6 p.m.

About Touched and Untouched
Through support from the UND Meyers Foundations, the UND Alumni Association, and the UND Department of Art and Design, an invitational print exchange was organized for North Dakota printmakers and artists.  Through the exchange, participants created an edition of their own prints to share with the other invited artists, UND’s Art Collections, and the region. 

The prints range from traditional lithography to photo silkscreen and beyond.  While some artists incorporated other mediums and some used digital technology to assist in creating their print edition, all work was hand-pulled specifically for the exchange.

The Touched and Untouched exchange includes work from 16 North Dakota artists.  One of those artists is BSC’s Michelle Lindblom, associate professor of art and chair of the Arts and Communication Department.

Here’s a sampling of prints from the show.  Do stop by to see them in person!

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