“No lumps, thank you. A Bra Anthologie” – On Display Beginning January 18

What do fishing reels, oranges, & antlers have in common? How about tea cups, maracas, & pears? Find out at the BSC Library!

No lumps, thank you. A Bra Anthologie is an uplifting and entertaining photographic collection of playful brassieres created from a wide and wild variety of common objects. Artist Meg Spielman Peldo has created remarkably clever images that  will appeal  … whether you favor training wheels, snowballs, or melons.

There is a universal vibe of humor surrounding bras.  No matter what your relationship is with breasts and bras, this exhibit is sure to make you smile with its quirky interpretations of the silly terms associated with bras and breasts. Bra-vo to that funny invention designed to hold our melons … knockers … or rack!

These original fine art images with their humorous titles will be released in a coffee table book this summer by Schiffer Books, and, as a bonus, will also raise funds for breast cancer charities.  The BSC Library will definitely be ordering a copy!

About the Artist

Meg Spielman Peldo is a fine art and portrait photographer and ceramic artist whose work has been featured on HGTV’s “That’s Clever” and can be found in private and corporate collections around the world. Her North Dakota images have been presented to dignitaries on multiple trade missions across Asia. Spielman has also won numerous awards and licensed images with publishers of greeting cards, calendars, and prints. The daughter of a lingerie designer for Hollywood Vassarette in the 1950s, Spielman is happy to now be creating art bras. A graduate of UND, she lives in Fargo.

On display at the Gannon Gallery, BSC Library, January 18-February 15

Meet the artist at the opening reception on January 18, 4-6 p.m.

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