Publishers and Libraries and eBooks

We’ve been blogging about this for a while now …

ebooks from some publishers are not available to libraries at any price (e.g., Penguin Group).  Other publishers have placed caps on the number of times an ebook can be checked out (e.g., HarperCollins).  Once the cap is reached, access is lost and the library has to purchase the ebook again.  Still others, (e.g., Random) have raised the price of ebooks to libraries by as much as 300%.

The good news is that efforts continue to enable library access to ebooks to everyone in America’s communities.  ALA (American Library Association) met with e-book distributors during the Public Library Association (PLA) Conference, March 13-17.  Here’s the report on those meetings.

Has this had an affect on you?  Definitely.  The BSC Library can no longer purchase ebooks from Penguin for our Beyond Library Walls Digital Collection (powered by OverDrive). Our purchasing of HarperCollins titles has been dramatically reduced (in fact, we no longer purchase HarperCollins ebooks at all) and we’ve already cancelled ebook purchases from Random. For example, it’s hard to justify spending $88 for an ebook version of a title that we can get for $12.95 in a paperback format.


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