Top 10 Ways to Celebrate National Library Week

#10. Memorize the Library of Congress classification system.

#9.  Find a picture of Mike McCormack (in his younger years) in the Mystic Memories collection. [Note: We recommend using Mozilla Firefox and downloading the PDF files for the best viewing experience.]

#8. Run through the library with scissors, screaming, while looking for the book Running with Scissors: a Memoir

#7. After being shushed by the librarian, sit quietly and contemplate the art exhibit at the Gannon Gallery/BSC Library.

#6. Find out where and why The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has been banned or challenged.

#5. Stump the librarian.  Ask a tough reference question.

#4. Get creative with date due stamps and a stamp pad!

#3. Count the number of databases available to you through the BSC Library.

#2. Check out a book or download an ebook.

#1. READ!

National Library Week 2012

April 8-14

You Belong @ Your Library!


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