The Sounds of Learning in the 21st Century Library

The traditional work of libraries and librarians continues in the 21st century … helping people get the information they need.  What has changed are the tools librarians use, the emphasis on active learning and collaborative work in libraries, and the spaces needed to foster that kind of interaction.  At the BSC Library, we think of this shift as “the sounds of learning.”

For an interesting essay about the “new” library and how names influence perceptions, read School Library or Learning Commons? What’s in a Name?  Even though the essay focuses on school (K-12) libraries, the points made by Teacher-Librarian Donna Alden are relevant to many types of libraries.

 When we design a new learning commons/library for our campus, how will it look?

These images from our Britannica ImageQuest database may help you imagine the possibilities.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The future is bright!


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