North Dakotans Take Note ….

We’ve added two new DVDs that may be of particular interest to North Dakotans:

Boom! Behind the Bakken

Students in The University of Montana’s Radio-Television Department produced this documentary about the oil boom in eastern Montana and western North Dakota in the spring of 2012.

“Thousands of workers and billions of dollars in oil money are pouring through towns like Sidney, Montana and Williston, North Dakota. Locals are trying to hang on, but the boom in population is transforming their communities. The students set out to document the effect of more people, more money and more crime on these towns.”–Container.

Visit the website for more info.

Welcome to Flood City

A two-disc set about the Mouse River and its floods from 1904-1911.

[Disc 1] “… provides viewers with a wonderful look back on the history of the Mouse River when the river was the center of entertainment in Minot and how the city’s parks grew around the river. It covers the floods of  1904, 1923, 1925, 1927, 1928, 1948, 1949, 1951, and 1969. It covers the decade of fighting to keep the river inside its banks through the 1970s. (446 photographs).”–Container.

[Disc 2] “…walks the viewer through the 2011 Mouse River flood. It begins with a look at the flood control dams, 1978 River Channel Improvement Project, the fight to save Minot, the devastating flood, the destruction, and the aftermath. The Burlington flood is covered in a special 16-minute segment.”–Container.

Check them out at the BSC Library!


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