Things are changing … Mystic Card


Things are changing!
Effective Wednesday, December 12, the BSC Library will no longer make BSC photo IDs.

Why the change?
BSC is transitioning to a one card system.  The new Mystic Card will be your student/employee ID card, your library card, a declining balance card for purchases in the BSC Bookstore and BSC Food Service, and a card for BSC contract dining services.

Where do I get my new card?
The BSC Bookstore, located in the lower level of the Student Union Building, during regular bookstore hours.

When can I get my new Mystic Card?
The new Mystic Card is being issued in phases.

  • Current students who have a contract meal plan or new students starting at BSC in Spring 2013 can get their cards beginning Wednesday, December 12, at 8 a.m.
  • All other students and BSC employees will get their Mystic Cards during Spring Semester 2013.  Specific dates and times will be announced.

What is the same?
Until you get your new Mystic Card, your current BSC photo ID is still your BSC Library card. Keep your current ID until you get your new Mystic card.


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