Survey Says …. We Like Tangible Things

I don’t know if YAs (young adults) in the USA feel the same way as YAs in the UK, but this is

The majority (62%) of 16-to-24 year-olds in the United Kingdom prefer print books to ebooks, according to a new report from Voxburner. The report included responses from 1,420 participants surveyed  between September 25 and October 18, 2013.

The top two reasons that the respondents prefer print are:

  • print books are a good value
  • readers have an emotional connection to physical books

The other top-rated reasons for preferring physical to digital products are:

  • “I like to hold the product” (51%)
  • “I am not restricted to a particular device” (20%)
  • “I can easily share it” (10%)
  • “I like the packaging” (9%)
  • “I can sell it when used” (6%)

In terms of preferences for physical products versus digital content, printed books were the most desired, ahead of movies (48%), newspapers and magazines (47%), CDs (32%), and video games (31%).

Source: The Guardian


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