Going After Cacciato – BookTalk at BSC

Dr. AnnMarie Kajencki, Professor of English, will lead the discussion of Going after Cacciato by Tim O’Brien. This is the final discussion in the BookTalk at BSC 2016 series. We will gather on Sunday, March 6, from 1-3 p.m. in 204 LEA Hall.

Going_after_Cacciato2In a blend of reality and fantasy, this novel tells the story of a young soldier who one day lays down his rifle and sets off on a quixotic journey from the jungles of Indochina to the streets of Paris. In its memorable evocation of men both fleeing from and meeting the demands of battle, Going after Cacciato stands as much more than just a great war novel. Ultimately it’s about the forces of fear and heroism that do battle in the hearts of us all.”  (Source: Amazon description)

Going after Cacciato won the National Book Award for Fiction in 1979.

For more information, check out the BookTalk guide.

BookTalk is free & open to all and is supported by the BSC Library and the BSC Foundation.

Join us!  Bring a friend … or two.


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