Mudbound – The Book, The Film

mudboundIt’s exciting to see that Hillary Jordan’s debut novel, Mudbound, has been made into a film that’s getting lots of buzz at Sundance!

We read Mudbound for BookTalk at BSC 2011, “What Divides Us.” It is a great read and winner of the 2006 Bellwether Prize for Fiction. Set on a cotton farm in the Mississippi Delta in the late 1940s, we see a world of racism, prejudice, poverty, and hardship through the eyes of six characters, who take turns narrating the story.

Barbara Kingsolver, the founder of the Bellwether Prize, said this of Hillary Jordan’s book, “Her characters walked straight out of 1940s Mississippi and into the part of my brain where sympathy and anger and love reside, leaving my heart racing.  They are with me still.”

Re-read Mudbound or read it for the first time and get ready to see the movie on the big screen!

You can find both print and ebook copies of Mudbound at the BSC Library.  Check them out!

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