What Do the BJC Bagpipe Band and National Library Week Have in Common?

NLW 2013

Question: What do the BJC Bagpipe Band and National Library Week have in common? 

Answer: They are something to celebrate! 


Join us for our

National Library Week Open House

Monday, April 15

11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

BSC Library 

Have some refreshments and check out our BJC (Bismarck Junior College) bagpipe band memorabilia 

We’re excited to show you these treasures from our Archives collection!


Bismarck State College Mystic Memories

Interested in BJC/BSC history?  Visit the BSC Archives in the Collections section of the BSC Library website and click on the link for Bismarck State College Mystic Memories.   While you’re on the Archives pages, click on the Digital Horizons link, too.  Many BJC/BSC digitized historical records are also available on that site.    

A project to digitize materials from the BSC Archives collection housed at the BSC Library is underway.  Using ContentDM software, library staff members are scanning materials to post on BSC’s website.  Digitization projects have become the norm for college archive collections and help provide access to collections that would otherwise only be available for on-site use. 

Through BSC Library’s project, alumni and other interested persons can now readily find yearbooks and other historical materials online.   As the project moves forward, more and more information about Bismarck State College and its history will become available online.   

To date, all of the Bismarck Junior College and Bismarck State College yearbooks (1941-1981) are available online.  The BJC yearbook was originally called The Markota; in 1951, the name was changed to the Jay-Cee-An.  BSC’s last printed yearbook was published in 1981. All of the issues of Figments of Imagination, BSC’S literary magazine, have also been scanned.

Swensen Papers Donated to BSC Library Archives

August 24, 2010

Norma (Swensen) Groethe, President Larry Skogen, Carolyn Twingley

Norma (Swensen) Groethe, daughter of Dr. Walter J. Swensen, the first dean and one of the founders of Bismarck State College (then Bismarck Junior College), presented a book of her father’s personal papers related to Bismarck State to the BSC Library Archives on August 24, 2010.   Norma’s son, Mark, and his wife, Anita, were also in attendance. 

This gift helps tell the story of the early years of Bismarck State College and we are delighted to have it!   The book will be housed in the Library’s Archives collection.  

Do you have a piece of BJC/BSC history? We welcome your gifts.

Anita Groethe, Mark Groethe, Marlene Anderson (Director of Library Services), Norma (Swensen) Groethe, Carolyn Twingley (Archives Librarian), President Larry Skogen

Top Ten Things We Wish You Knew

  1. Librarians like to answer questions.  It’s what we do.
  2. Your BSC photo ID is your library card.  Carry it with you.
  3. Your library card number is on the back of your BSC photo ID.  Your library password is your last name.
  4. To access BSC’s databases from off-campus, to activate all of the features of the ODIN catalog, and to check out library materials, you need a library card.
  5. There are two versions of the ODIN catalog — ODIN Classic or ODIN UFind.  Use the one you like best.
  6. You can set up a personal account in many of the library’s databases.  Use your personal account to save search results, search alerts, journal alerts, and more. 
  7. You can ask questions online; click on “Ask a Librarian.”
  8. You can schedule appointments for group instruction or individualized instruction and assistance.  Call us at 224-5450 or send an email to BSC.Library.Department@bsc.nodak.edu.
  9. The BSC Library Archives collects and preserves important historical and social records of Bismarck State College.  
  10. There is something for everyone @ the BSC Library!

Statewide Digitization Grant

Good news!  For the second time, the BSC Library Archives has been selected to participate in the State Historical Society of North Dakota’s Statewide Digitization Grant project.  Carolyn Twingley, Serials/ILL/Archives Librarian, wrote the successful grant application.

Two digital project archivists from SHSND will work with BSC Library Archives staff to select images from the Archives collection, collect descriptive data, and scan them.  The target is to scan 100 images, which can include everything from photographs to letters to pamphlets and other documents.   The records will be uploaded to the Digital Horizons site.  The project should be complete sometime in August.    

The ten institutions selected to participate in the project are: Barnes County Historical Society, Bismarck State College Library Archives, Bowman County Historical and Genealogical Society, Cass County Historical Society, Dickinson State University, Enderlin Historical Society and Museum, Pembina County Historical Society, Richland County Historical Society, and Walsh County Historic Preservation Commission.

BSC on Digital Horizons

Images and documents from the BSC Library Archives are now available on the Digital Horizons website. 

To limit your search to materials from our Archives collection, choose Advanced Search Options, then type Bismarck State College in the exact phrase search box.   Click on the image to see the full descriptive information. 

Here is a favorite photo from the 50th anniversary celebration at BSC, which was taken on September 15, 1989. 

BSC 50th anniversary 1989

You can find this photo (and 107 other BSC images) on  Digital Horzions.  Check them out!

BSC Library Archives Receives Statewide Digitization Grant

Excitement abounds!  We recieved word from the State Historical Society of North Dakota that the BSC Library Archives is one of ten institutions to receive a statewide digitization grant.  Carolyn Twingley, Serials/ILL/Archives Librarian, wrote the grant application and will coordinate BSC’s part of the project.

The plan is to scan 100 images (e.g., photographs, letters, pamphlets, and other documents) from each institution, enter descriptive data, and upload the records to the Digital Horizons site.  Work will begin in May and the project should be wrapped up sometime in August 2009.

Currently, images from the NDSU Institute for Regional Studies & University Archives, the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Prairie Public Broadcasting, and Concordia College Archives are available on the Digital Horizons site. 

The institutions whose resources will be added during the current project include:  Barnes County Historical Society, Billings County Historical Society, Bismarck State College Library Archives, Cass County Historical Society, Manfred Heritage Museum, McLean County Historical Society, Mercer County Historical Society, Pembina County Historical Society, Stutsman County Memorial Museum, and Three Affiliated Tribes Museum.