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Book Thievery

There was a major jewel heist in Cannes on Sunday when jewels worth some $136 million were brazenly snatched from a diamond show at the Carlton International Hotel.

Book thievery can be equally bold, shocking, and lucrative.  Check out these stories about some real book heists:

12 Tales of Book Thievery

North Dakota libraries, including the BSC Library, have also been targets of this kind of thievery.  A recent example is when investigators discovered roughly 1,000 books and 20,000 individual pages of maps and documents that had been ripped from books in the home of a Great Falls, Montana, man.  Books from several North Dakota libraries were in the mix; one was from the BSC Library collection. (Note: We got it back).



Open Book Fountain

Lest we forget how a printed book works …


This “Open Book Fountain” is located in a plaza area near Királyi Pálat and Henszlmann Imre streets in Budapest, Hungary.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Take a look at this Oscar-winning animated short film: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Books have something to say. 

Books want to be be read. 

Are you reading? 

Are you writing your own story for others to discover?

Visit YOUR library (in person or online). 

The books are waiting ….

For more about the film, visit

From Scroll to Screen

 For a look at how the book has evolved from scroll to codex to ebook, check out this article by Lev Grossman (AKA The Mechanic Muse): “From Scroll to Screen” (New York Times Book Review, September 2, 2011). 

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