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Libraries are cool

Tianjin Binhai Library – China


The Chimney Map

Libraries – Preservers and Promoters of Culture

“The continuing story of a huge 17th century map found stuffed up a chimney is told by a conservator, a map curator, a historian and an explorer.  As the map is painstakingly conserved at the National Library of Scotland, it unfolds stories of exploration, battles, slavery, kingship and knowledge.”

Oldest Library in the World Restored

Add a visit to the oldest library in the world (recently restored) to your bucket list!

The library at the University of al-Qarawiyyin in Fez, Morroco, was founded by a Muslim woman and opened its doors in 859. Read more …

7 Surprises about Libraries from Pew Research

Library research  Lee Rainie writes: “The Pew Research Center’s studies about libraries and where they fit in the lives of their communities and patrons have  uncovered some surprising facts about what Americans think of libraries and the way they use them.”

          7 Surprises about Libraries …


Why Libraries & Librarians Matter

National Library Symbol A UC Berkeley report says that “New Chancellor Nicholas Dirks should spend more money on the library at the University of California, Berkeley, as its books, services and space will be more important than ever over the next two decades.”

Why?  Here are a few of the reasons given in the report:

Libraries, “both as places and services — will be more, rather than less critical to University research and teaching in the next 20 years.”

“Even with so much scholarly information appearing online … researchers need help sorting the wheat from the chaff … Paradoxically, the massive and largely unregulated expansion of scholarly materials and information on the Internet has made it more difficult for scholars to locate authenticated materials.”

The report is “wary of digitized collections such as those created by Google and academic publishers. University brains tend to think in terms of centuries; their counterparts in the private sector often plan by quarter or year.”

The report warns that “publishers are not reliable long-term stewards of scholarly information. Journals change hands, and publishers come and go.”

“For now, the report says, physical collections of books and journals are still the best way to preserve scholarly information for the long term, along with university-sponsored digital library projects including the Hathi Trust.”

Read the full article

Read the full reportNational Library Symbol - Laptop version

Library Design Showcase 2013

As we contemplate the look of our new library & learning commons in the new Communication and Creative Arts Center, here are some shining examples of new and newly renovated libraries: Building the Future: 2013 Library Design Showcase


Book Thievery

There was a major jewel heist in Cannes on Sunday when jewels worth some $136 million were brazenly snatched from a diamond show at the Carlton International Hotel.

Book thievery can be equally bold, shocking, and lucrative.  Check out these stories about some real book heists:

12 Tales of Book Thievery

North Dakota libraries, including the BSC Library, have also been targets of this kind of thievery.  A recent example is when investigators discovered roughly 1,000 books and 20,000 individual pages of maps and documents that had been ripped from books in the home of a Great Falls, Montana, man.  Books from several North Dakota libraries were in the mix; one was from the BSC Library collection. (Note: We got it back).