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Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day

February 14 Is Valentine’s Day!


Are the holiday’s roots in the Roman celebration of Lupercalia?  


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Blind Date with a Book Launches on Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day date?

How about a blind date … with a book?

Why date a book?

  • No wondering who should pay (checking out library books is free)
  • No need to impress or get new clothes; be yourself and wear what’s comfy
  • Your date is always ready when you are
  • No adverse consequences when you snuggle up with a book (even on a first date)
  • No messy break-ups
  • No embarrassing photos or stories posted online
  • And … who knows? You may find your true love!

Stop by the Library on Valentine’s Day (Wednesday, February 14)

Choose your date from the “Blind Date with a Book” display. No worries if you can’t make it that day; we will leave the books on display for several days.

How it Works

  • We wrapped up books from a variety of subject areas from our collection
  • Other than some descriptive words on the wrapper, there are no clues about what book is inside
  • A “Rate Your Date” form is included in each package
  • Choose something that strikes your fancy, check it out (your BSC ID is your library card), read it, rate it, and return the book and the rating card to the Library’s front desk
  • Rating forms are due on March 19 for a chance at a prize drawing on March 20

Be adventurous! Try something new!

Valentine’s Day Serenade for Librarians

Our English colleagues treated us to a ♥Valentine’s Day Serenade♥ yesterday.  We thank them and we thank the BSC Men’s Ensemble (under the direction of Dawn Hagerott) for making our day!  You sound great.

Check out the video taken by reference librarian Johanna Bjork:

Valentine Serenades at the Library

Love was in the air at the BSC Library …

Thank you, BSC Men’s Ensemble.  

You made our day!


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Valentine Serenade at the Library

The BSC Librarians were surprised this morning with a gift from our English colleagues …

 a Valentine serenade by the BSC Men’s Ensemble! 

The men presented us with a rose and sang “My Girl.”

Thank you to the English faculty and the BSC Men’s Ensemble.

You made our day!

Click HERE to see the KFYR-TV video.