About Bismarck State College Library

The BSC Library offers:

  • Rich collections in a variety of formats
  • Professional, experienced librarians & staff to help with your information and research needs
  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Comfortable, light-filled spaces for group or solo study in the Library Commons
  • Study rooms
  • Quiet reading room
  • Public computer workstations
  • Printers, scanner, photocopier

The BSC Library is a member of ODIN (Online Dakota Information Network), a statewide library network which links many North Dakota libraries.

Community members are welcome to use our library and to apply for a library card.


Recent Posts

Introvert Happy Hour

Remember silent reading time when you were in grade school? Well … you can re-create that experience as an adult and it’s not by simply reading quietly where you are.

Join a Silent Book Club (AKA Introvert Happy Hour) and get together with a group of people to read quietly — maybe at a bookstore, a library, a bar, or some other venue. Silent reading time begins when the bell rings and ends an hour later when the bell rings again. After that, it’s up to you. Talk a while & share what you’re reading with others or keep reading or … there are no rules.

North Dakota isn’t among the 70+ places around the world that have Silent Book Club chapters … yet. Maybe we should launch one at BSC?

Click here to learn more about the Silent Book Club movement.

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