Celebrating Huck Finn

135 years ago today, on February 18, 1885, Mark Twain (pen name of Samuel Clemens) published The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, in the U.S. [Note: It was first published in December 1884 in the United Kingdom.] To learn more about Mark Twain and his works, click here.

Cover from the original U.S. edition, 1885, with illustrations by E.W. Kemble.

2020 Youth Media Award Winners

2020 Youth Media Award winners! We have several of the winning & nominated titles on order for our Children’s Collection, among them:

Find these books & more via the BSC Library catalog. Good reading!


Reading Resolutions

“I resolve to read more this year.” 

Great idea, but how will you do that? What do you mean when you say read more?

This info from Team OverDrive (the company behind our Beyond Library Walls ebook collection) will help you figure out how to make a reading resolution work for you!

Team OverDrive’s 2020 Reading Resolutions