Treaty of Paris

3 September
The Treaty of Paris was signed this day in 1783, recognizing American independence and ceding Florida to Spain. Learn more about it here on Credo Reference.

TREATY OF PARIS, 1783 – American Peace commissioners, left to right: John Jay, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Laurens,, and William Temple Franklin (B. Franklin’s grandson and secretary). Unfinished painting (because the British commissioners refused to pose) by Benjamin West.

Photograph of the signatures and seals of the 1783 Treaty of Paris. The signatures are English politician David Hartley (1731-1813) (representative of Britain), American politicians John Adams (1735?-1826), Benjamin Franklin (1706 -1790), and John Jay (1745?-1829). (Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Library Adds Credo Reference

The BSC Library has added Credo Reference to its suite of database products.  Credo does for reference publications what many other databases do for journals and magazines – it aggregates the content and makes it searchable.  Currently, you can search 3,261,517 full-text entries in 426 reference books through Credo. 

You can also execute searches of the ODIN library catalog, Academic Search Premiere, and Britannica Online Academic Edition via Credo.  In addition, there are links to BSC’s Library blog, Databases (Articles & More) page,  Finding Information page, and Ask a Librarian page. 

The gadgets are cool, too.   Unsure how to pronounce a word?  Try the pronunciation gadget.    

To learn the fine points of using Credo so you can make the most of its potential, take the online tours, use the help screens, or talk to a BSC librarian. 

Credo Reference is a very robust resource.   Check it out!