BookTalk at BSC – Men We Reaped

BookTalk at BSC 2018 will conclude with a discussion of Men We Reaped: A Memoir by Jesmyn Ward, a two-time winner of the National Book Award for Fiction.  In this memoir, Jesmyn Ward tells her own story of poverty and oppression interspersed with chapters focusing on the lives (and deaths) of five young men she grew up with in southern Mississippi.

When: Sunday, March 4, 1 to 3 p.m.

Where: LEA 204, the Library’s conference room on the second floor of LEA Hall

Discussion Leader: Dr. AnnMarie Kajencki, BSC Professor of English

For more details, see the online guide. BookTalk at BSC is free and open to all.

Join us! It’s fun.



1827 – Mardi Gras Begins in New Orleans

February 27, 1827

“On this day in 1827, a group of masked and costumed students dance through the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, marking the beginning of the city’s famous Mardi Gras celebrations.

The celebration of Carnival – or the weeks between Twelfth Night on January 6 and Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Christian period of Lent – spread from Rome across Europe and later to the Americas.” [Source: “New Orleanians Take to the Streets for Mardi Gras.”]

Want to know more? Check the Library catalog. We have these books … and more!






Sky Theater

Sky Theater: Essays on Rural Life and Community from the Editor of Dakotafire Magazine by Heidi Marttila-Losure is a collection of essays that invites “readers to see new possibilities in their places and communities.” The book features thought-provoking essays on agriculture, technology, education, health, wealth, and even the benefits of long underwear!

The title comes from one of the hallmarks of rural living — “a clear view of the ever-changing sky” — and the color photos are glorious.

Dakotafire Magazine was a collaborative journalism project among journalists in rural communities in North and South Dakota from June 2011 to January 2017. It aimed to spark a rural revival in the Dakotas and encourage conversations to help rural residents rethink what was happening and reimagine possibilities.

Sky Theater is currently on our new book display shelves. Check it out!

Blind Date with a Book Launches on Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day date?

How about a blind date … with a book?

Why date a book?

  • No wondering who should pay (checking out library books is free)
  • No need to impress or get new clothes; be yourself and wear what’s comfy
  • Your date is always ready when you are
  • No adverse consequences when you snuggle up with a book (even on a first date)
  • No messy break-ups
  • No embarrassing photos or stories posted online
  • And … who knows? You may find your true love!

Stop by the Library on Valentine’s Day (Wednesday, February 14)

Choose your date from the “Blind Date with a Book” display. No worries if you can’t make it that day; we will leave the books on display for several days.

How it Works

  • We wrapped up books from a variety of subject areas from our collection
  • Other than some descriptive words on the wrapper, there are no clues about what book is inside
  • A “Rate Your Date” form is included in each package
  • Choose something that strikes your fancy, check it out (your BSC ID is your library card), read it, rate it, and return the book and the rating card to the Library’s front desk
  • Rating forms are due on March 19 for a chance at a prize drawing on March 20

Be adventurous! Try something new!

Did You Know … Mysticast on Films on Demand

Did you know that you can find all of the BSC Mysticast episodes on Films on Demand? The first episode came out in December 2010. Take a look!

To access Films on Demand, a streaming video database that provides thousands of videos on all kinds of topics, click on the Video and Film category of the BSC Library’s databases web page. Type Mysticast in the search box.

To learn more about the Library’s streaming video & film sources, click here.