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If Librarians Were Honest

If Librarians Were Honest by Joseph Mills

“…a book indeed sometimes debauched me from my work…” – Benjamin Franklin

If librarians were honest,
they wouldn’t smile, or act
welcoming. They would say,
You need to be careful. Here
be monsters. They would say,
These rooms house heathens
and heretics, murderers and
maniacs, the deluded, desperate,
and dissolute.
 They would say,
These books contain knowledge
of death, desire, and decay,
betrayal, blood, and more blood;
each is a Pandora’s box, so why
would you want to open one.

They would post danger
signs warning that contact
might result in mood swings,
severe changes in vision,
and mind-altering effects.

If librarians were honest
they would admit the stacks
can be more seductive and
shocking than porn. After all,
once you’ve seen a few
breasts, vaginas, and penises,
more is simply more,
a comforting banality,
but the shelves of a library
contain sensational novelties,
a scandalous, permissive mingling
of Malcolm X, Marx, Melville,
Merwin, Millay, Milton, Morrison,
and anyone can check them out,
taking them home or to some corner
where they can be debauched
and impregnated with ideas.

If librarians were honest,
they would say, No one
spends time here without being
changed. Maybe you should
go home. While you still can.

Source: 5 Poems About Libraries

Because of Libraries We Can Say These Things

Because of Libraries We Can Say These Things by Naomi Shihab Nye

She is holding the book close to her body,
carrying it home on the cracked sidewalk,
down the tangled hill.
If a dog runs at her again, she will use the book as a shield.

She looked hard among the long lines
of books to find this one.
When they start talking about money,
when the day contains such long and hot places,
she will go inside.
An orange bed is waiting.
Story without corners.
She will have two families.
They will eat at different hours.

She is carrying a book past the fire station
and the five and dime.

What this town has not given her
the book will provide; a sheep,
a wilderness of new solutions.
The book has already lived through its troubles.
The book has a calm cover, a straight spine.

When the step returns to itself,
as the best place for sitting,
and the old men up and down the street
are latching their clippers,

she will not be alone.
She will have a book to open
and open and open.
Her life starts here.

Source: 5 Poems About Libraries

EAudiobooks from the Library Can Be Your Best Workout Partner

Remember the New Year’s resolutions you came up with?  Maybe not … statistics show that 77% of people give them up after the first few weeks.

We get it.  There is so much to do and so little time.  If only it were easier to accomplish goals … such as reading more books, getting more exercise, and saving money.

Well … there is a way!

Download free eAudiobooks from the BSC Library & work out at the same time! Not only will you strengthen your body and your mind, your money stays in your pocket & you will look forward to exercising because you want to get back to your book.

To find our eAudiobook (& eBook) collections:

Start from the BSC Library’s website

  • Choose Journals, Magazines, eBooks & More
  • Choose eBooks & eAudiobooks from the list
  • Choose the collection you are most interested in [Note: How-to info & apps for your portable devices available with each collection.]
  • Check out & download the titles you want & get started!

Need more help? Check out this download guide or ask a librarian.



Professional Book Nerds – Reading Challenges!

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Lost & Found

What to read next? Literature Map & NoveList Can Help

What should I read next?  To help answer that question, try Literature Map or NoveList (choose from the list of BSC Library databases) to search for read-alikes.

Literature Map helps you find read-alike authors. Enter the name of your favorite author in the search box and Literature Map will create a web of authors’ names. The closer an author’s name is to the one you entered, the more alike they are.

NoveList is a robust tool that allows you to search for read-alikes by genre, age, title, author, series, and more.

The next time you’re stumped about what to read next, give Literature Map and NoveList a try!



What Should I Read Next? Podcasts Can Help You Decide

Check out New Books Network!  

  • Author-interview podcast channels in four categories:
    • Arts & Letters
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    • Science & Tech
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  • 100 interviews published each month
  • Operates under the auspices of Amherst College Press
  • Current partners include:
    • Amherst College Press
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