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National Reading Group Month

Did you know that October is National Reading Group Month?

If you belong to a book group, you already know why shared reading is so much fun and so valuable.

If you don’t belong a to a book group, start your own!

Click here for some great book group resources.


Read a Book Day! September 6

Even though some of us think every day is Read a Book Day, officially, it’s on September 6th.

Celebrate the day by spending a little time reading and enjoying books. Read solo or read to a child, host a book reading party, even give a book to someone as a way to celebrate the day. Need more ideas? Click here.

Relax and feed your mind and your soul with a good book (or ebook).


How to Read More

10 Books You Never Knew You Needed to Read before College

Ten brilliant books that are not only integral to a high school student’s literary repertoire but also, and perhaps more importantly, fun to read.

Source: 10 books you never knew you needed to read before college – OverDrive Blogs

Why I Read

National Library Symbol Why I Read by Adam Sockel, Marketing Specialist & co-host of the Professional Book Nerds podcast

I consider myself very lucky when it comes to my employment. I’ve always loved the concept of books. If you’ll excuse the pun, the fact that all you need to do to discover a new world is open a book remains such … Read more »

Source: Why I Read

Resolution for 2017


Well, this is one of those commercials …


*Note: This is a Canadian National Reading Campaign. We can learn a lot from our neighbors to the north.