Sky Theater

Sky Theater: Essays on Rural Life and Community from the Editor of Dakotafire Magazine by Heidi Marttila-Losure is a collection of essays that invites “readers to see new possibilities in their places and communities.” The book features thought-provoking essays on agriculture, technology, education, health, wealth, and even the benefits of long underwear!

The title comes from one of the hallmarks of rural living — “a clear view of the ever-changing sky” — and the color photos are glorious.

Dakotafire Magazine was a collaborative journalism project among journalists in rural communities in North and South Dakota from June 2011 to January 2017. It aimed to spark a rural revival in the Dakotas and encourage conversations to help rural residents rethink what was happening and reimagine possibilities.

Sky Theater is currently on our new book display shelves. Check it out!

Hot Off the Press! My Life on the Road

Gloria Steinem’s new book, My Life on the Road, just arrived and is currently on the New Book shelf at the BSC Library. My life on the road

Gloria Steinem was featured in a video interview at last week’s ’60s Symposium. The presentation, The “Second Sex” Takes the Stage: a BSC Interview with Gloria Steinem, included commentary by North Dakotans Dr. Sheryl O’Donnell, Laurel Reuter, and Dina Butcher.  Dr. Kimberly Crowley, Assistant Professor of English at BSC, moderated the discussion.

Check it out!

eBook of the Week

Why not start the year 2013 by reading a book about another year — the “fateful year” of 1666?

Author Geraldine Brooks tells the story of a village where two-thirds of the inhabitants are wiped out by The Plague within a years’ time.  “Inspired by the true story of Eyam, a village in the rugged hill country of England, Year of Wonders is a richly detailed evocation of a singular moment in history.”

Year of Wonders: a Novel of the Plague


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10 Best Books of 2012 – New York Times Book Review

The editors of The New York Times Book Review have chosen these books as the 10 Best Books of 2012:



Good reading!

eBook of the Week

With a Milkweed National Fiction Prize designation, it’s got to be good!  Check out this 2008 winner.

Driftless by David Rhodes

“The few hundred souls who inhabit Words, Wisconsin, are an extraordinary cast of characters. The middle-aged couple who zealously guards their farm from a scheming milk cooperative. The lifelong invalid, crippled by conflicting emotions about her sister. A cantankerous retiree, haunted by childhood memories after discovering a cougar in his haymow. The former drifter who forever alters the ties that bind a community. In his first novel in 30 years, David Rhodes offers a vivid and unforgettable look at life in small-town America.”

Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Steven Spielberg’s new film, Lincoln, will soon be playing in Bismarck.

It is based, in part, on a book by Doris Kearns Goodwin entitled Team of Rivals.

We have this book (and several others about Abraham Lincoln) in the BSC Library collection.  Check them out out!